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About Us

Zhuzhou Only Cemented Carbide Works

OnlyCarbide is an one-stop source manufacturer for all cemented carbide products and supply tungsten carbide product design services. OnlyCarbide's product range covers almost all cemented carbide applications and is divided into 9 kind of tungsten carbide products, they are cemented carbide tools and parts, cemented carbide rods & bars, cemented carbide for mining, cemented carbide roll rings, carbide anvils and pressure cylinders, cemented carbide drawing dies, cemented carbide buttons, special carbide products and cementd carbide powder.

Since 1958, we have been dedicated to meeting our customers’ requirements. This commitment has promoted a level of quality and service that reflects the highest standards and efficiency in our industry.

At OnlyCarbide, we understand that not all companies operate the same way. That’s why we offer our customers the flexibility and convenience of choosing how to conduct business with us. In addition to working with a trained professional salesperson, you can choose to place orders via the internet, electronic data interchange (EDI), over the phone, fax, or by email. Online ordering is available 24/7 to help you with all of your application needs.

OnlyCarbide Products
With thousands of items in stock, OnlyCarbide is a single source provider for all of cemented carbide needs. From stock commodities, to custom designed products, equipment/machines, and promotional items- OnlyCarbide has what you need.

Commencing in the production of tungsten carbide products in 1958 makes OnlyCarbide among the oldest companies in the China in its cemented carbide industry.

In the beginning, OnlyCarbide’ primary product was tungsten carbide saw tips for woodworking applications. Although saw tips and related wood-working products are still a major portion of our offerings, we have expanded our capabilities through the years to serve many other industries including mining, downhole drilling, wear parts and various other applications. We also offer injection molding technology to produce complex carbide parts that can not be made by conventional powder metallurgy processes.

OnlyCarbide is hold by Sellwell Industrial Group.

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